About GENT

A self-taught artist, I have painted regularly since the age of 33. Born in England, I grew up in Trinidad and Tobago and moved in 1982 to Montreal at the age or 16. Working mainly on canvas with acrylic paints, I paint in a figurative style, man and the human condition being my principal subject. I try to focus on the physical nature of the subject(s) to express the emotional and mental state at a precise moment.</P>

<P>As social creatures we try to understand each other and to communicate partly by facial expressions postures and gests. Our physical appearance is often an important means of communication in our superficial contact with each other. I try to capture a moment with its underlying emotions and feelings in an effort to express the themes that are important to me: the fragility of life, marginality, vulnerability, barriers, childhood and family, love ,loss, pain, our capacity to deal with adversity as well as the consequences of our actions. In my painting I also question the veracity about perceptions and judgments based on physical appearance and position.

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